Started Dogs For Sale

At Harris Kennels we provide a few started dogs each year as part of our breeding program. These are pups that we have raised and held back to further evaluate what we are producing in our breeding program. Definitions of started dogs vary from kennel to kennel. A started dog from Harris Kennels is one that is whoa broke, whistle broke, has been collar conditioned, holds their birds and has had 30 pen raised birds shot over them. These dogs do not have any wild bird hunting experience. Occasionally we will offer a started dog that has been wild bird hunted, but we will state that in the description of the dog. After purchasing your started dog from us we would like you to consider several things that will help make the transition for your new dog much easier. The number one thing to remember is patience. No matter how excited or anxious you might be the best thing for your dog is to be patient. Dogs are a create of habit. Dogs get use to their environment and the people in it. Anytime a dog, especially a young dog, is taken out of their environment it takes a while for them to adjust. We must remember that young dogs are not use to long road trips or flights to their new destinations. When you get your new dog home we ask that you put the dog up for a least one week and do nothing but allow the dog to get use to you and its new home. Everything will seem strange becasue it is new and will cause stress on the dog. In the first week pet the dog, walk the dog on a lead, you can feed it a treat, but do nothing negative or anyting that will cause additional stress to the dog. Anything that will help establish that bond and make the dog trust you is good. In this first week the worst thing that you can do is take the dog and work them on birds or expect them to perform perfectly on commands until they are use to you. When you purchase the dog we will show you or discuss exactly how we have trained the dog, commands we use and how to reinforce those commands. In the second or third weeek is when you can take your dog out and go to work. Some dogs adjust much quicker than others. Some might need a few more days. Patience in the long run will assure you and your dog a much better experience.

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