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Rowdy Harris of Seneca, Missouri


Writing about that little Maniac/Go Girl pup I bought from you. Just wanted to say thanks. This pup is phenomenal; a total firecracker! The most affectionate, loving, sweet-hearted, well-built, balance, good-natured, and maybe even intelligent pup Ive ever had. I feel like I should drive back up and pay you another $300, like Im gyping you. She loves to bite, hates her crate and has more energy than any two other dogs Ive ever seen.

Thanks again, and be expecting to reserve another pup from me in the future!

Posted on 02/27/2011

Mark Sam of michigan

Hi Jim. I am very pleased with my pup. He is picking up every thing very quickly. he will have style to burn! He has the intelligence and willingness to please . That makes a great bird dog, trial dog, or companion dog. The spirit Sinbad cross looks like a home run to me. Thanks Mark Sam

Posted on 02/26/2011

Colin Evans of Denver Colorado

I wanted to take the time to thank Harris Kennels, especially Jim for the excellent experience I had with them buying my first english pointer. After visting the website numerous times and speaking with Jim on several occasions, I felt confident that I was buying my dog from an excellent breeder. When I arrived at harris kennels to pick my puppy up after a 500 mile drive, I was very impressed with the way Jim Harris ran his operation. Harris Kennels fullfilled my expectations 100%! Thanks again Jim for the wonderfull experience and I will be sure to send pictures of Mika as she grows into the best bird dog in Colorado.

Posted on 02/22/2011

Mark Sam of Roseville Michigan

Hi Jim . Got My pup Last Night. He is beautiful. How odd You could buy some thing sight unseen and have it be exactly what you desired! THANKS Mark Sam

Posted on 02/14/2011

Tom Stockland of Fayetteville Arkansas


I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your kennel. Chuck and I have been trying to find outside blood for our kennels for five years and bought more then a dozen dogs from several other breeders. It had been frustrating until we purchased the started dogs and pups from your kennel. Thanks to you we have four young dogs who are the type of dogs we want to own. Most of the dogs we have of this quality are getting old and it sure makes us feel better about the future of our kennels. Thanks again.

Posted on 01/25/2011

bill picard of liberty twp ohio

I just returned from a hunting trip to Pa.(Oct.16 to Nov.12) had a great time with Jill. She is pointing and retrieving both grouse and woodcock. She is quite the puppy. Bill (GUARD RAIL SPIRIT & LYONS SUNSHINE)

Posted on 11/12/2010

bill picard of liberty twp. ohio

jill (duke and sunshine) just turned 10 weeks yesterday. What a puppy. she smart and full of it. A REAL FAST learner. she travels very well. so far two trips to Pa. and one trip to SC. Tonight when i went down to feed her i heard a few quail in my wifes flower garden. I let her out of her pen, she found the quail and flash pointed one before they flushed. These are the first birds she has seen. thanks again for the great pup. bill

Posted on 07/27/2010

Robert Lee Deaton of Lebanon, Ohio 45036

I love the way you set up the site! I am owner of Katie. Daughter or Duke and Lilly. She is now two years old. Came from Ft. Scott. KS. She is one heck of a bird dog. Runs Big, Points, Backs, Shows Good Posture. Fully trained. Now expecting litter in September by Cephus Hogans (Hogans Ace).
Thanks for the great breeding you take the time to do!

Posted on 07/23/2010

Mark Collins of Inman, Ks

Been working with Shiloh, from Duke and Reba, I could not be happier with this pup. I would very highly reccomend your pups to anyone that wants a quality dog.

Posted on 06/06/2010

Wayne Bailey of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Mr. Harris
My pup out of Duke and Reba has far exceeded my expectations. She is a very smart pup with an excellent memory. She is a natural pointer as well as backing. She loves birds and holding her points with intensity and is very cautious. She remembers were she found them and is quick to go back and look, she has even pointed before she got there remembering were they had been. Her fetching is getting better. She stays in the house with the family and our chihuahua and is house broke for the most part. All this at 12 weeks old. I will start killing birds over her next month. And she will be hunted on grouse, pheasant, quail this fall. I have no doubts she will adjust well and learn quickley the game. I also wanted to say that I enjoyed our visit and doing business with you.

Posted on 04/27/2010

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