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Jared Tappero of Greenville, CA

Jim -
Jessie (Guard Rail Spirit x Additions Pike Creek Kate) is coming along well. At 14-weeks I have begun her initial yard training; crating, standing on boards and barrel, and recalling to the whistle. She also rides along on the quad when I road the broke dogs. She is a very bold and confident pup. I look forward to introducing her to birds in the next couple weeks.

Posted on 11/18/2012

Randy Chase of Loveland Colorado

Jax is doing great (Guard Rail Spirit & Brave Hearts Sunflower). About twice the size he was when we picked him up. He was pointing and holding birds at 10 weeks old. Already conditioned to the gun has no problem being shot over. Already whistle trained to come.
Randy Chase

Posted on 11/17/2012

Kyle Monson of Altamont, Utah

Jim, This pup out of duke and kate is amazing, for only 12 weeks it is incredible the drive hes already showing, and he is one good looking pup. Im excited to watch him grow. I would also like to thank you for the service youve provided, you are honest and easy to work with. Im excited to get another pup from you soon.

Thanks Again,Kyle

Posted on 10/22/2012

Thomas Moore of White Hall, Arkansas

Jim and Matt, Bailey ( Guard Rail Spirit & Additions Pike Creek Kate ) is really showing a lot for such a young dog ( 13 months ). Matt did a great job with her. She is so easy to handle, loves to please, and best of all has a super nose and lots of drive. I am looking forward to hunting her this season, watching her mature. I thank you guys for the work put in to this point and look forward to seeing you in the near future. She is everything you said and More. Thanks for raising such quality dogs.

Posted on 10/21/2012

Birol Osmansoy of Whitby Ontario Canada

Jim I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me a outstanding Pupy from Maniac and Erins Addition Girl Ace is very intelligent he,s point is very stylish and man he can find birds.

Posted on 10/05/2012

Brent Barnick of Gonzales, Texas

Jim, You are raising some really nice dogs. Sky (Guard Rail Spirit & Additions Fiddlin Girl) has made a super bird dog. She is well mannered and easy to handle. Sky is a natural and the best looking pointer I have ever owned. Thanks

Posted on 03/11/2012

Scott White of Franklin, TN

I had promised to send pictures. BeaureGuard is doing great. His light really came on at the end of our season. He has a great personality and gets along with people and other dogs as well. He's got a really good nost and wants to please. I can honestly say there has never been a more honest dog when it comes to backing. He would routinely back my pointer gyp at 3 months old and to this day will honor another dog taking a leak at 100 yards. Hope this finds you and yours well. Thanks again for your honest business dealings. We are extemely proud of our pup.

Posted on 03/01/2012

Ralph Wakely of Missouri

Here is a picture of Swag wild pheasant hunting in Kansas. He has a good nose, he backs like a dream and holds his birds forever. He is probably one of the easist and smartest dogs I have ever trained.

Posted on 12/01/2011

David & Mary Miller of Smithville, MO

Dear Jim,

Thank you for the pups. We named them Bobby and Peggy and they are two balls of fire. Total energy! They are very smart and at 8 weeks are already beginning to obey commands. We look forward to many years of fun and pleasure with them. I will recommend your kennels to anyone looking for smart energetic dogs!

Posted on 09/08/2011

Kenneth Delahoussaye of Carencro, La

Thanks for the puppy i bought from u from sinbad and spirit.She is very smart and intelligent. She is pointing and holding to a wing. Thanks
Kenneth D.

Posted on 04/11/2011

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