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I just got my new puppy Rowdy from Jim last week. He is fantastic! I was walking him the other day and a guy that has two pointers from another kennel stopped me and said, Wow...that is a super looking puppy! He is just plain beautiful! I replied, Thank Jim Harris for that! I consider it an honor to have such a wonderful addition to my family and cant wait to watch Rowdy develop. Dealing with Jim has been an absolute pleasure and can say without hesitation that the dogs he is producing are of such a high standard that others should pay attention. Also it tells you that Jim is of a such high standard too, he cares and takes pride in the dogs he is bringing to the world. I will recommend Harris Kennels to everyone!!!!!

Posted on 06/26/2017

Redman Family of Guthrie, OK

It was great to meet you and see the passion you have for your Gundogs. Our Pup Myck is a typical rambunctious puppy and is growing fast, we are super excited about his potential!

Posted on 01/15/2017

Eric miller of Corona California

Jim thanks for all youre help. We couldnt be happier with our two pointer pups. It was a great experience dealing with you and youre kennel. Very honest and upfront with everything. Ill keep in touch to let you know how they progress. Thanks again Eric Miller

Posted on 01/09/2017

Mike Lostroh of Smithville, MO

Thanks Jim for the awesome pup. Couldnt be happier with the potential shes already showing, and super excited to see her progress. I will be in touch next year for another super pup.

Posted on 09/09/2016

Dave Worwood of Nephi Utah

I had a great dog from Jims kennel but lost her to cancer last fall. I called and was peticular about color and he was very accommodating in what I was looking for. Jim was great to work with and held the pups until I was going to be near his kennel in late fall. Great experience for me and I cant wait to see how these pups turn out, doing great so far. Thanks again for all the help.
Dave Worwood

Posted on 07/03/2016

Josh O'Neil of Northeast Kansas

My first dog from Jim and Matt was a female from Honky Tonk Icon x Millers Pretty Girl. I did all the training myself and she turned out to be one of the finest bird dogs Ive ever hunted over, which says a lot more about the dog than the trainer. She was a natural retriever, solid as a rock on point and we hold her birds as long as you needed her to. Unfortunately, I lost her to cancer this past summer before her 8th birthday. I was already talking to Jim before that about purchasing another pup. I didnt even look anywhere else. He breeds some of the finest bird dogs around as far as Im concerned. My new pup is out of Guard Rails Showcase x Rivers Super Star. Belle is 14 week now. She has a great temperament (especially with my 3 year old), she has been scent pointing birds since 12 weeks(which was also her first time on birds) and this last weekend I played fetch with a quail that I had killed earlier in the morning and she did amazing. Brought it back every time and with a soft mouth too. I have no doubt shell be as good or better than my last dog. Jim was very good with my family throughout the picking process, letting us come down with our 3 year old and let her play with the puppies a few times before taking one home. If you want a good bird dog from good people that know bird dogs, go to Jim and Matt Harris. As long as theyre breeding dogs, Ill never go anywhere else. Thanks again!!

Posted on 01/04/2016

Mike picard of Cincinnati ohio

This puppy (Eddie)is amazing only had him for 3 days and he is already holding a point for over a minute I cant wait to put him in shoot to retrieve this year

Thanks again
Mike picard

Posted on 12/08/2015

Rick and Deb Riddle of Warsaw,IN

We purchased a super puppy we named Gunner from Jim . He is an awesome dog, smart and has a great personality . We are really please with him. Looking to buy another one from Jim .

Posted on 10/15/2015

jeff scott of chesapeake va

thanks so much for such a fine pup off blackhawks fiddling addition and sinbads elhew justis this is a pup most kennels would never sell she is more than I could have hoped for thanks again jim

Posted on 02/15/2015

Rob Hope of Mineola, Texas


Thank you for your help in selecting such a fine pup out of Duke and Jessie. At 5 months old, I took her out for the first weekend of Texas quail season 2014. She pointed 2 coveys and 3 singles. She also made 3 retrieves to hand. Her progress has been amazing at such a young age. She is a wonderful dog dog hunting and in our home. I will definitely be contacting you in the future for another pup.

Posted on 01/25/2015

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